Sex position

A sex position describes a form of sexual intercourse used for fucking. There are hundreds of possible sex positions and variations between two persons of different gender. The following is a list of sex positions which are good for traditional "penis is inserted into pussy“ or also called pussy penetration sex. Other forms of hetero intercourse might use other sex position, as for example listed under anal sex. For other combinations of persons please refer to threesome sex or groupsex. All of the sex positions listed below are good for single penetration while some of them are also feasible for double penetration.

List of Sex Positions

The following list features dozens of sex positions sorted by the "angle of attack":

Sex Positions with his penis on top entering her from front

Penis on top entering MsC's pussy from front

Sex Positions with her pussy/anus on top

Pussy on top

Sex Positions with his penis entering her from behind

Fucking her from behind

Sitting Sex Positions

Standing Sex Positions

Fucking while standing

Acrobatic Sex Positions

Acrobatic sex positions require a flexible girl.

Sex Positions which do not penetrate Anus or Pussy

Sex Positions used for threesome sex and group sex

Rarely practiced Positions

Sex positions for threesome sex

The following positions are common for threesome sex:

Special Positions used for bondage sex

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