Masturbation refers to the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals to the point of orgasm. Masturbation is the most common form of having sex with yourself also called solo sex or selfplay, although masturbation while a sexual partner is present is also common. Masturbation is often misspelled as "masterbation". In general there are huge differences between female masturbation and male masturbation. Masturbation is performed manually or by use of tools, mainly sex toys.

A typical example of female masturbation

Masturbation by Gender

There is either female masturbation or male masturbation and nothing in between. There is no such thing as "She masturbated him" because that would not be masturbation but more likely she delivering a handjob to a man. Masturbation is always defined as having sex with yourself and no other person actively involved.

Female Masturbation

Female masturbation techniques are quite numerous and much more varied than those of males. For females masturbation is a form of sex with no risk of disease, pregnancy or emotional upset available almost anytime. For most women it is very important to accompany the "mechanical" act of masturbation with fantasizing. (It is said, that quite many females imagine to have sex with Igor while masturbating.) For detailed information see article female masturbation.

Documented Methods of Female Masturbation

A masturbating lady

The following female masturbation techniques are the most common masturbation methods according to the photo story submitted to Voyeurcloud. Over the years more than 30,000 masturbation shots were submitted to and published by Voyeurcloud so far and there is hardly a day without any documented masturbation on Voyeurcloud, so the following should be very accurate when it comes to "normal people" masturbation. The following is a list of the most common methods of female masturbation. A complete list of all articles related to female masturbation methods can be found under the article female masturbation techniques.

Objects and Toys Women use for Masturbation

Each of the following items used for masturbation are discussed in individual articles. Please add your own item if you do not find yourself below:

Items used to be inserted into her pussy during masturbation

(order based on how often documented at Voyeurcloud within the last 10 years)

  1. Hand/Fingers
  2. Vibrator in pussy
  3. Water
  4. Dildos
  5. Candles
  6. Hairbrush vibrator
  7. Bottles
  8. Bananas
  9. Stuffed Animals
  10. Cucumbers
  11. Cigars

Items used for external stimulation

(order based on how often documented at Voyeurcloud within the last 10 years)

  1. Hand/Fingers
  2. Vibrator on Clit
  3. Pillows being humped on
  4. Water
  5. Electric toothbrush on Clit
  6. Massagers
  7. Butterfly

Further Items used during masturbation

(order based on how often documented at Voyeurclouds within the last 10 years)

  1. Anal beads
  2. Butt plugs
  3. Rosebuds
  4. Clit pumps
  5. Fucking machines
  6. Nipple pumps

Common Positions of Female Masturbation:

Each of the following positions is dicussed in an individual article. Depending on what type of stimulation a woman prefers, she might move into different female masturbation body positions. The following is a short list of the most common female body positions. The full list of all know female body positions during masturbation is maintained under the article female masturbation body positions.

Female masturbation lying on back

Masturbation on back

This position is applied for following types of stimulation:

  1. Direct Clit Stimulation
  2. Combined Clit and Nipple Stimulation
  3. Clit Stimulation and Occasional Pussy Penetration
  4. Clit Stimulation and Permanent Pussy Penetration
  5. Clit Stimulation with Pussy Penetration at Orgasm Phase
  6. Clit Stimulation with Nipple Stimulation at Orgasm Phase
  7. Clit Stimulation with Anal Penetration
  8. Nipple Stimulation alone
  9. Pussy Penetration alone

Female masturbation lying on belly

Masturbation on Belly

This position is applied for following types of stimulation:

  1. Direct Clit Stimulation
  2. Clit Stimulation and Occasional Pussy Penetration
  3. Clit Stimulation and Permanent Pussy Penetration
  4. Clit Stimulation with Anal Penetration

Female masturbation in seated position

Seated Masturbation while driving

This position is applied for following types of stimulation:

  1. Direct Clit Stimulation
  2. Combined Clit and Nipple Stimulation
  3. Clit Stimulation and Occasional Pussy Penetration
  4. Pussy Penetration only

Kinky and Uncommon Female Masturbation Methods

The following masturbation techniques were reported or illustrated to be practiced by quite many women, however only on rare occasion as a special masturbation event every now and then:

Blindfolded Masturbation

Self bondage Masturbation

Nipple-only Masturbation

Mobile Masturbation

Public Masturbation

Handsfree Masturbation

Enforced Masturbation

Masturbation with Large Objects

Masturbation in Front of a Window

  • Window fuck: Attaching a dildo to a window and then riding the dildo

More Kinky Masturbation

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Male Masturbation

Male masturbation is commonly practiced but rarely shared as an open subject of conversation amongst a male's peer group out of fear of ridicule and/or perception of being a man who needs to masturbate because they may not have a sex partner to satisfy their needs. Men utilize many different methods and modes of stimulation to achieve a solo orgasm. The most common tends to be the use of one or both hands to stroke the penis to ejaculation.

Since men are typically stimulated by visual images, the use of pornography is a common tool, whether via still pictures or movies/video. While use of pornography is a common practice, men can also find sufficient stimulation in non-pornographic images, including, but not exclusive to, pictures of female celebrities that they can then use to trigger sexual fantasies that lead to ejaculation. It is reported that some heterosexual men are stimulated by images of homosexual male activity, even though they may never want to nor feel the need to act on the fantasy of a physical encounter with another male. Read more about male masturbation under cum on her stuff, which is a very popular type of male masturbation. Articles about special male masturbation methods:

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Group Masturbation

Group Masturbation is defined as the mutual activity with more than one other person. This can be as few as three total people or many people together. This activity is less common among females but there are plenty of cases where is has happened with a group of women. Another term used for group masturbation is Circle Jerk which is defined as a group of men who are masturbating at the same time. Sometimes this is combined with a contest to see who can ejaculate first or the most. Often the men compare penises before and after a circle jerk session.

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Hidden Masturbation

Hidden masturbation is defined as masturbating in complete privacy.

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Couple Masturbation

Couple masturbation is defined as masturbating in front of or together with a partner.

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Masturbation during Sex

According the increasing number of Voyeurcloud contris covering this type of masturbation, it has become more popular lately for her to masturbate while giving a handjob or blowjob. This can be either done solely for foreplay or until both partners reach their orgasm. This technique only involves one of the two partners (usually her) to be active, thus allowing her to fully time both orgasms to happen at the same time.

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Preventing Masturbation

The only 100% safe way to prevent someone from performing masturbation is the use of chastity devices like a chastity cage on him or a chastity belt on her.

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Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation can refer to any of these sexually-related activities engaged in by either males or females in pairs or groups:

- Two or more people masturbating [each one stimulating their own genitals] in each other's presence, either simultaneously or one after the other.

- One person masturbating in the presence of another but not touching the other person.

- One person physically touching another person to masturbate as the other person does the same during or after.

- More than two people masturbating in the presence of each other in a group but not touching each other.

- More than two people physically touching each other to masturbate as a group.

- The manual stimulation of each other's genitals [to orgasm or as foreplay].

Mutual masturbation can definitely and easily lead to frottage, or a well known practice known as consensual frotteurism (also called frotturism, frottage, dry humping, or frot). Basically, frottage is when a couple rubs up against one another so that their genitals rub each other to cause a sensual friction. This can occur between two males, two females, or a male and female couple.

Frot can be used as foreplay before sexual intercourse or frottage grinding can result in orgasm in and of itself. Some people prefer it above all other sexual activities due to the advantage of being able to be face to face and have the freedom of the hands to caress. Frottage is typically considered a safer alternative to sexual intercourse, especially to avoid STDs and/or pregnancy. It is common among both heterosexuals and homosexual couples.

It is debatable if this is actually a type of mutual masturbation since it can involve only two people as well as many. Frottage usually involves more intimacy that other types of masturbation. However, it is often categorized with masturbation, heavy petting, grinding genitals.

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Masturbation and Voyeurism

Due to the fact that masturbation usually is a very personal and private thingie, documenting ongoing masturbation of women without their knowledge has always been one of the highest goals of voyeurism and is called masturbation voyeurism.

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Posed Masturbation

Posed masturbation means to pose for a camera while masturbating. See posed masturbation.

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Common Locations for Masturbation

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Further Videos and Photos about Masturbation

Further photos and videos showing masturbation by real people can be found on VCity under Masturbation Photo and Video Blog

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