A fetish or paraphilia involving any sexual fantasy or activity that would provoke consternation on the part of someone who doesn't happen to share your interest in it. An alternative definition: anything someone does in bed, or during sex, or in their fantasies, that is kinkier than what you do.

A fetish is typically focused on an inanimate object, or something that does not normally have a sexual connotation. But, used loosely (and what could be looser than the sexual underground?), a fetish could mean any sexual fascination or fixation that is outside the norm -- whatever the hell that is.

What is you Fetish?

Perhaps the most common fetishes involve lingerie, voyeurism, exhibitionism (thanks for helping us out, VC), BDSM and spanking.

Having a fetish does not mean that you are sick. Everybody has this or the other fetish. In fact, researchers have found that many, if not most, people have fairly bizarre fantasies while masturbating. The question is, how much that fetish influences your daily life and your sexual habits.

Example 1: You have your vacations at Hedonism. In your hotel room is a mirror right above your bed. You notice during sex that you are more aroused than normal when watching you and your partner in that mirror. That is perfectly fine and you do not have to worry about Katoptronophilia. Back home, you decide to place permanent mirrors over your bed. Now it becomes a little bit kinky. Two months later you notice that you cannot enjoy an orgasm without watching yourself in a mirror. Now you have to worry about Katoptronophilia.

Example 2: You are a male. You notice that sex is more fun when she wears panties. That is perfectly fine and you do not have to worry about a panty fetish. Then you notice, that you do not get an erection if she does not wear panties in bed. Now it starts getting critical. Later on you start ejaculating into her used or freshly washed panties - you do not need your girl any longer. Now you are obsessed and kind of sick!

Oh yeah, by the way, see also Extreme fetish.

List of known and illustrated Fetishes and Paraphilias

Important Remark from Igor: If you add a new fetish, please use the common english word and not the medical latin term for the article. People dont search for "Altocalciphilia" if they love high heels...thanks!

Fetishes focusing on body parts

  • Foot fetish (Podophilia), a general foot fetish, no matter whether her foot is dressed or not.

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Fetishes focusing on clothing items

  • Boots fetish: To be sexually aroused by women wearing boots
  • Crossdresser: A man enjoying being dressed in her clothes.
  • Fishnets fetish: Sexual arousal from fishnet clothes - mainly stockings and pantyhose
  • Shoe fetish (Retifism): sexual arousal from women's shoes, usually high heels.

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Fetishes focusing on body fluids

  • Scat, also known as Coprophilia: sexual attraction to shit and/or shitting
  • Urolagnia: sexual attraction to urine and/or urination
  • tampon string: sexual arousal by tampon string play
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Fetishes focusing on certain situations

  • BDSM, or Bondage/Submission & Sadomasochism: A No No at VC - pictures related to this are not featured. Algolagnia, is the technical term for sexual pleasure from pain.
  • Bike Fetish: Sexual attraction from persons riding a bicycle.
  • Sadism: Sexual arousal from giving pain
  • Somnophilia: Sexual arousal from sleeping or unconscious people
  • Spanking fetish: Most would probably consider this a subset of BDSM
  • Submissive sexual behavior: To enjoy being dominated

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Fetishes focusing on other items

  • Diaper fetishism: Sexual arousal from diapers

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Other Fetishes

  • Dacryphilia: Sexual pleasure in eliciting tears from others or oneself
  • Frotteurism: sexual arousal from the recurrent urge or behavior of touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person
  • Incest: Sexual arousal from fantasies involving family members having sex with each other
  • Pedophilia: Sexual attraction to underage persons - A No No at VC - pictures related to this are not accepted.
  • Pictophilia: Sexual attraction to pictorial pornography/erotic art/cartoons
  • Sharking: A kind of sexual prank against women of all kind exposing their genitals in public and more
  • tampon string: sexual arousal with tampon string showing
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Further Videos and Photos showing Fetishes

Further photos and videos showing done by amateurs and showing different fetish are under Fetish Blog

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