Exhibitionism (also known as Lady Godiva syndrome and Apodysophilia) is the pattern of behavior of showing naked parts of the body to other people. It is the act of exposing in a public or semi-public context those parts of one's body that are not normally exposed – specifically the genitals or buttocks of a man or woman, or the breasts of a woman. The practice may arise from a desire or compulsion to expose themselves in such a manner to groups of friends or acquaintances, or to strangers for their amusement or sexual satisfaction or to shock the bystander. The showing can be quick or prolonged. The viewers can be few or many. If the person not only shows naughty bits but also starts to touch her own body parts, it is called public masturbation, which is an aggressive type of exhibitionism. Another very strong form of exhibitionism is sex in public.

The Levels of Exhibitionism

Hidden Exhibitionism

Hidden Exhibitionism
Receiving a sexual thrill out of the fact that essential parts of clothing are missing, which however, is not necessarily known by bystanders. This may seem a contradiction in terms but the thrill comes from the knowledge that someone COULD see what is usually hidden rather than from any certainty that comes from that forbidden part being clearly visible. Typically, this entails wearing no bra, no panties or no underwear at all, sometimes combined with short skirts. Most who indulge start with no bra and then progress to leaving off the panties. Girls call this going commando. A milder form is called exposed thong.

See also: Upskirt

Exposure through revealing clothes

Another mild form of exhibitonism is wearing see-through clothing items like for example see through tops or wearing micro mini skirts. The exposure through more or less transparent fabric is discussed under See-through exhibitionism.


The mildest form of exhibitonism is flashing, like for example flash her tits, flashing ass or flashing pussy. The exhibitionism is often a very brief period of time.

The most common form of Exhibitionism: Appearing in public in differing states of nudity. Usually, the bystanders do not expect nudity at that location. For example, on a highway bridge or on a busy street. Can also be performed by riding naked. The different aspects are discussed under naked girls on the street and naked under the coat.

Flashing at Landmarks

Showing off in front of famous and popular landmarks and tourist attractions. Often landmark flashing carries an added risk/excitement of many tourists with cameras.

Hotel Flashing

Hotel Hallways

Hotel Exhibitionism: Showing off in hotel floors, hallways, stairs, lobbies or other locations of a hotels. Sometimes referred to as hotel games since the flasher is away from home and her identity remains a secret she can play fun, sexy games without fear of recognition. The exhibitionist never knows when hotel guest might open their room door or hotel staff may appear around the corner. See a page dedicated to this at Hotel exhibitionism

Hotel Elevators

Hotel Elevators are special places for exhibitionism. Whether riding inside the elevator or [im]patiently waiting for the coach to arrive, the exhibitionist never knows who might appear when the doors open. More on Elevators can be seen.

Moving Flashing

Flashing in a Car

Naked driving allows others in and outside the vehicle to see the nude driver whilst the nude driver must keep her hands on the steering wheel and not cover up. A special form of vehicle exhibitionism is flashing truckers who have an excellent view down into cars. The monotony of traveling can be alleviated, for both other travelers and yourself, with a some flashing in a car.

Flashing on Boats

Flashing on Boats: Girls showing off on private boats. This may be for the occupants of the same boats or other boats. The cost or speed of the boat does not make a difference to the quality of the flash. See Boat exhibitionism.

Flashing on a Cruise

Cruise Flashing: Girls showing off on cruise ships. Like a hotel on the water, couples getting away from home often allows one to be more daring. See Cruise exhibitionism.

Flashing at a Library

Library Flashing: Girls showing off in public libraries. Libraries allow some privacy in public. Often a section of the library is seldom used. See naked girls in libraries.

Flashing on the Street

Quite many chicks enjoy flashing their assets on public streets. The most extreme type of flashing on the street are naked girls on the street.

Flashing on Overpass

A special street flashing is from an overpass or bridge/walkway over the highway. Drivers who pay attention will see the naked flasher. The flasher remains at a safe distance both in case of accident or need for a quick get-away.

Nudity at the Gas Pump

Within the last years it has become quite popular to fill gas into a car while naked at gas station. A girl who does that is called naked girl at gas station. Despite its popularity, price reductions at the pump are not given to nude pumpers.

Public Masturbation

Public masturbation is the logical add-on activity to public exhibitionism: Instead of 'only' showing off nude facts the female starts to masturbate at locations with no or limited privacy.

Masturbating in Vehicles, Trains and Planes

A special form of exhibitionism is mobile masturbation, e.g. car masturbation, which means to masturbate while driving around or flying around. If masturbation is taken place in a car, it is called public masturbation in cars.

Public Masturbation behind a Window

Another common type of public masturbation is to position yourself behind a window (quite often the window of a hotel room) and to start masturbation activities. The most extreme type of masturbating behind a window is to attach a suction cup dildo to the window. This activity is also called window fuck.

Public Masturbation while Sunbathing

Public Masturbation while sunbathing is another common method. Masturbating ladies have been spotted on all kind of beaches including topless beaches and nude beaches and depending on the location the masturbating girl wears a bikini, a bikini bottom only or nothing. Ideally she has a partner with her to let her know if she has been spotted. Being told someone is watching can bring on an almost instant climax. He should also take some photos!

Public Masturbation on Balconies

Public Masturbation on a balcony is another popular method.

Sex in Public

Sexual-Act Exhibitionism: Performing sex in public locations, most often public fucking or a public handjob. Annother type of performing a kind of touchless sex in public is remote controlled stimulation

Covert Sexual-Act Exhibitionism

Covert Sexual-Act Exhibitionism
Performing sex in locations where onlookers gain the impression that they are accidentally witnessing the action. Examples: On a balcony of a hotel, in a park, on a beach, in a car. Also these activities are considered either public masturbation or public fucking.

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Fantasy/Electronic Exhibitionism

Posting photographs or videos to a web site (typically Voyeurcloud) on the internet). May also include the use of web cams to show off, or perform for other people over the internet. VoyeurClouds' Member BB has a chatroom with live user-generated webcam feeds.

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Exhibitionism Photo Contests

Voyeurclouds features a monthly photo contest for female exhibitionists. Exhibitionism Photo Section

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Further Videos and Photos showing Exhibitionism

Further photos and videos showing done by amateurs and showing nude and semi-nude amateurs in public can be located under Exhibitionist and Nude in Public Blog

See also: Naked sport, Private movies

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